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About the Company


You are visiting the website of Topographic and Geodetic Enterprise "Belgeodesy", a leading enterprise in Belarus carrying out topographic and geodetic, cartographic and land-utilization work of both national and special purposes for local and foreign customers.
The high level specialists and state-of-the art technologies allow fulfilling in short terms and at reasonable prices not only the work mentioned above -- using satellite and digital technologies -- but also creating geo-information systems for any purpose.
During more than half a century of its activities the following work has been done by the enterprise on the territory of Belarus:

  • state systematic geodetic network in the form of triangulation of 1, 2, 3 and 4 classes covers the whole territory of the republic;
  • state vertical control geodetic network in the form of I, II, III and IV classes was set up;
  • the whole territory of Belarus is covered with survey at 1:10000 scale, state topographical maps at the above scale were published; 
  • topographic survey was carried out, state topographical plans of all cities and towns were prepared and published at 1:2000 and 1:5000 scale;  
  • topographic survey of separate – promising from the economic point of view – regions on the territory of 20 thousand square meters was fulfilled at the scale of 1:2000; 
  • topographic maps and plans of all large water reservoirs were made with survey of water bottom;
  • digital maps of separate Belarusian regions at the scale of 1:50000 - 1:1000000 were created;
  • thematic maps and plans of general use were compiled, prepared for printing out and published -- to answer the needs of enterprises, organisations and population.

The enterprise did not limit the area of its activities only to Belarus. For many years, it has carried out topographic and geodetic works in different regions of today’s Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Enterprise’s specialists took part in map-making in Angola, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Laos, Mozambique, Mongolia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Somalia, and other countries.
"Belgeodesy" has developed and employs the system of consumer’s rights and interests’ protection:
- guarantee of the supplied products quality;
- following of digital topographic and geodetic information;
- efficient renewal of the supplied topographic products in case of any changes in a particular location;
- customer’s participation in the development of optimum technological scheme and price policy for the work carried out.  
On the website’s pages you will get acquainted with the history of "Belgeodesy" forming, with the enterprise’s departments, the work we carry out and the services we are able to offer. We hope you will enjoy it!
With best wishes,
Director of the RUE "Belgeodesy"                                      Vladimir Vasilyevich Khrustalev


History our Enterprise


Before, the enterprise was named as follows:

  • Western Aerogeodetic Enterprise;
  • Enterprise № 5;
  • Belarusian Maps and Geodetic Enterprise;
  • Belarusian Maps and Geodetic Union Belgeodesy;
  • Topographic and Geodetic Republican Unitary Enterprise Belgeodesy.

      The enterprise was set up in 1947 when the lack of topographic and geodetic information became especially acute due to the necessity to restore the Belarusian economy after the Great Patriotic War. The war had no mercy towards industrial and residential sites, the major geodetic basis (state plan and high-altitude geodetic networks) suffered greatly. The topographic maps and plans ran obsolete and did not actually reflect the state of most localities. Land-surveyors and topographers faced the task to fulfill an enormous number of topographic and geodetic works aimed at restoring the State geodetic Network (SGN) and topographic survey of Belarus.
      In accordance to the USSR Ministers Council’s Decree of April 13, 1946 and based on the order of the Main Department of Geodesy and Cartography of the USSR Ministers Council of April 18, 1947, the Western Aerogeodetic Enterprise was set up. M.M. Rozanov was appointed first head of the enterprise.
      The enterprise started its activities at the time of urgent shortage of qualified specialists and working area. In 1947, three rooms in a private house were rented to host the enterprise: one of the rooms being the lodgings, the other two were allocated for central apparatus and production.
      In mid-1947, the geodetic party was created and in November the same year timber brigade was set up. Their task was to survey and restore the SGN.
      In 1948, the first topographic brigade appeared. Gradually, the number of enterprise’s employees increased due to specialists coming from other similar enterprises (Alma-Ata, Leningrad, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Riga, Syktyvkar, Tbilisi, and Yakutsk) and owing to the specialised training courses opened in Borisov.
      At the same time, the systematic aero photo survey of Belarus was launched. To process the materials of this survey the specialised subdivision was established. It facilitated the topographic survey and preparation of maps to be printed out at 1:10000 – 1:25000 scale.
      From 1952, the enterprise entered a new period that can be characterized as the period of improving the organization and technology of work.
      The increasing country’s need of topographic and geodetic materials and data led to the growth of topographic and geodetic works. The enterprise was given an important task: within a short period of time to cover the whole territory of Belarus with topographic maps at the scale of 1:10000 - 1:100000. It triggered the restructuring of the work carried out, switching to the more advanced technologies and building up the production capacity. As a result, the number of the employees at the enterprise increased – thus making the employees’ welfare a high priority.
      During the following ten years, the cameral and field sub-divisions strengthened, the optimum organization and production structure was developed. By the beginning of 1960s, the enterprise formed the structure that provided the technological chain of the complete topographic and geodetic complex of works. The following production departments were formed and provided with the necessary number of employees and technical means: 5 topographic and geodetic expeditions; the workshop of photogrammetric and stereo-topographic works; the workshop of photo laboratory, photo mechanical and printing works; 2 workshops of topographic plans’ and maps’ preparation for publishing; the workshop of materials preparation and storage; the workshop for repairs and research of geodetic instruments. Technical control and maps editing services were set up aimed at bettering the quality of work.
      The organizational and technical measures taken at the enterprise positively influenced the volume of the topographic and geodetic works and their quality. The volume increased almost 10-fold.
      Personnel’s qualification grew radically and by the early 1960s the enterprise entered the number of top similar enterprises of the USSR Main Geodesy and Cartography Department by the number of achievements and the level of employees’ preparation.
      From 1961, specialists of the enterprise rendered map-making assistance to Asia, Africa and the Latin America.
      By the end of 1970, the whole territory of Belarus was provided with the points of the state geodetic network – which enabled topographical survey at the scale of 1:10000 and in separate regions at 1:5000. By that time, all cities, towns and the territories with intensive land-improving construction were covered with the plans at the scale of 1:2000.
      The selfless geodesists’ and topographers’ labour was justly estimated: 185 specialists of the enterprise were awarded with orders and medals – four of them with the highest award, Lenin’s Order.
      The 1980s was the period of technologies enhancing, switching to the modern technical means of collection, processing and storing of topographic information. At that time, automated work places of map-makers were set up, the possibility of using photos from earth’s artificial satellites in small-scale map-making was researched, the shift to the assembling metal signs when restoring or intensifying the State Geodetic Network occurred, only the modern equipment was used for fulfillment of topographic and geodetic works.
      The period of renewing the whole range of scale topographic maps at the end of 1980s was limited to 7 years. Research and development laboratory made a huge contribution into the improvement of topographic and geodetic technology as well as map-making process. By that time, 10 specialists of the enterprise became candidates of science – one of them (head engineer) later defended a dissertation for the doctor’s degree.
      During that time, the welfare of the personnel was paid huge attention to. Residential houses were built, new production area were put into exploitation.
      A special mobile van-house was developed and manufactured to provide for the needs of those working in the field.
      Social and political changes that happened in 1990s could not but influence the enterprise. For three times, the enterprise altered its authority’s belonging. Currently, the enterprise is under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography of the Belarusian Council of Ministers. Despite the economic difficulties and the reorganizations held, the enterprise managed to preserve its production potential. By the end of 1990s, Belgeodesy switched to the technologies based on using GPS-measuring and digital methods of creating and renewing topographic maps and plans in the sphere of topographic and geodetic works. A specialised geo-informational systems department was set up at the enterprise.

      RUE Belgeodesy met the new century with the flexible organization of the production process, modern technical and technological means of collecting, renewing and storing as well as transforming and providing topographic and geodetic information. The quality of our services fully answers the world standards.

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