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1) Permission (license) to conduct geodesic and cartographic activities (works and services that make up the geodetic and cartographic activities):

 1. Works and services that make up the geodesic and mapping activities of the state appointment

  • Defining the parameters of the Earth's shape and external gravitational field
  • Creation, development and maintenance of the state geodetic (including gravimetric) and leveling networks, as well as geodetic networks in the settlements;
  • Geodesic, cartographic and hydrographic support of the delimitation, demarcation and verification of passing the state border of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the borders of administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Performing geodesic and cartographic works for defense and security of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Geodynamic investigations on the basis of geodesic and space-based measurements;
  • Creating of geodesic basis for supply of means of navigation;
  • Metrological support of geodesic and cartographic works;
  • Creating, updating and publication of state topographic maps and plans of settlements in the graphic, digital, photographic and other forms, the accuracy and content of which provide a solution to the national, defence, science-research and other tasks;
  • Remote sensing of the Earth in order to provide geodetic and cartographic activities;
  • Creation and management of public geographic informational systems and cadasters;
  • The development, preparation and publication of general geographic, political-administrative, scientific and other thematic maps and atlases, cartographic training manuals;
  • Standardization, recording and ordering of consumed geographical names;
  • Survey of bottom of ponds and reservoirs;
  • Processing of materials for aerospace survey and preparation of products based on these materials;
  • Performing of science-research and experimental designed works on the mentioned subjects

2. Works and services that make up the geodesic and cartographic activities of special purpose

  • Construction and development of geodetic networks thickening (class 4 of traverse accuracy 1:25000, traverse of 1 and 2 digits);
  • Construction and development of horizontal and vertical survey networks (theodolite moves in the accuracy 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:3000, geodetic serif, geometric and trigonometric leveling);
  • Determination of coordinates of geodetic points and points of the earth's surface using a self-contained means of determining the coordinates (geodetic satellite receivers);
  • The establishment (recovery) of borders  of lands of landowners and land users, as well as protected areas;
  • Topographical survey (no survey of underground communications), regardless of the method and its update (correction) in the scales of 1:500 - 1:10000, performing on a certain area;
  • Preparation, updating, preparation for publication in graphic and digital (electronic) form sports maps for competitions in orienteering, radio-orienteering, "foxhunting", maps with different thematic content (public transport, recreation zones, advertising, sales, service, architecture and others);
  • Preparation, updating, preparation for publication in graphic and digital (electronic) form various promotional and informational publications on cartographic basis (calendars, booklets, manuals, guidebooks, postcards, brochures, surveys, diaries, business cards);
  • Preparation, updating, preparation for publication in graphic and digital (electronic) form thematic maps and plans for books and other publications (textbooks, manuals, guides, calendars, brochures, postcards and other);
  • Preparation, updating, preparation for publication in graphic and digital (electronic) form at the cartographic basis, or with its use, plans of cities and other settlements and their parts with different thematic content (tourist, commercial, architectural and other) schemes for passenger transport;
  • Preparation, updating, preparation for publication in graphic and digital (electronic) forms of tourist maps and atlases;
  • Creation and maintenance of geographic information systems and cadastres of special purposes.

2) Special permit (license) to engage security activities of entities and individuals
3) Special permit (license) to engage publishing activities
4) Special permit (license) to engage printing activities
5) Special permit (license) to engage works on design and construction of buildings and constructions of I and II levels of responsibility and conduct engineering surveys for these purposes
6) Special permit (license) to engage retail trade (including alcohol and tobacco)

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