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Maps for personal auto navigators


Navigation in Belarus Topographic and geodetic Republican Unitary Enterprise « Belgeodesy » State Property Committee of Belarus embarked on a project to provide navigational cartographic information for personal car navigators.

First version of map of Belarus includes: data for Minsk (with the contours of buildings, address search); Minsk region (with search up to locality) motorway Minsk-Brest. On the map also marked some points of interest (POI). Among the infrastructure objects marked petrol stations, places of rest and cultural activities.

Navigation map developed as part of agreements with Federal State Unitary Enterprise «“State GIS Center”» (Moscow, Russian Federation) and a group of companiesJJ-Group (Moscow, Russian Federation).

Currently, the company is developing a roadmap for providing the navigation-capable maps of the Republic of Belarus, including settlements.

All comments and suggestions for improving the navigational map you can leave here.

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